Fake 7 days loan apps list in India

Fake 7 Days Loan Apps List

7 days loan apps list : Nowadays getting a loan is very easy because of many online loan apps. We can easily get an instant loan without submitting any type of documents by just verifying our details.

However, with this, some fake loan apps are also taking advantage of this and collecting data, and money from users. While there are some good apps available, there are also fake ones.

What Is 7 days loan apps list

The 7-day loan apps list is a type of app that will give you an instant loan by verifying your details. These apps dont require offline documents. They will charge some amount of money for giving this loan as an interest and service charge. Most of these apps collect high amount of interest rates. Most of these types of apps don’t have the RBI approvel. Those app are called fake apps. This type of fake app will be removed from the Play Store as soon as possible as it is fake. After removing the app from Play Store, those companies will come will a different app name.

Best Student Loan App for Your Financial Needs

7 Days loan Apps List

1Agile Loan app
2Aladdin Lamp
3Angel Loan
4Apna Paisa
5Apple cash
6Ariaeko Lone
7Asan Loan
9Balance lone
10Basket loan
11Bellono Loan
12Bellono Loan App
13Best Paisa
14Betwinner betting
15Bharat Cash
16Bright Cash
17Bright money
18Buddy Loan
19Bus rupee
20Bharat Cash App
21Clear Loan
22Cash Advance
23Cash Advance
24Cash Advance Atach
25Cash Advance T1
26Cash advance
27Cash Book
28cash bowl
29Cash Carry App
30Cash Cola
31Cash colla
32Cash cow App
33Cash Cow
34Cash Credit
35Cash curry
36Cash fish
37Cash go
38Cash Guru App
39Cash magic
40Cash Hole
41Cash host Loan App
42Cash Host
43cash machine
44Cash Machine Loan
45Cash magic
46Cash manager
47Cash Manager
48Cash Mine
49Cash Papa
50Cash Park Loan App
51Cash park
52Cash Park Loan
53Cash Pocket
54cash pocket live Cash
55Cash Samosa
56cash star miniso rupee
57Cash Station
58Cashcarry Loan App
61Clear Loan
62Coin Rupee
63Crazy Cash
64Credit buzz
65Credit Loan
66Crystal Loan
67Credit Pearl
68credit wallet
69Crystal Loan
70Daily Loan
71Dhan Pal
72Discover Loan App
73Dream loan
75E Paisa
76Eagle cash loan App
77Early Credit App
78Easy Barrow Loan App
79Easy Borrow Cash loan
80Easy brave
82Lucky Loan App
83Lucky Wallet
84M pocket
85MagicCash Loan App
86Magic Money
87Magicc Loan
88Mama Loan
89Magicc Loan App
90Marvel cash
91Marwel Loan Baba
92Matero Finance
93May Loan
94Mi Rupe
95Minute Loan App
96Minute cash
97Minutes In Cash
98Mo Cash
100Mobile cash
101Monday money app
102Money box
103Money Ladder
104Money lander
105Money Master
106Money Master App
107Money muthual
108Money pocket
109money stand pro
110Money standup
111Money tree
112money stand pro App
113Money View App
114Monney Tank
115More cash
116More Cash App
117More Loan
118My Cash Loan
119My Kredit
120Name of app
121Ob cash loan
122ob cash loan App
123Ok Rupee Loan App
124One Loan Cash Any Time
125One loan easy loan
127Orange Loan
128Orange Loan
130Personal Loan App
131Phone pay
132Pillai Loan
133Plump Wallet
134pocket bank
136PradhanmantriYojna Loan
137Pub cash
138Quality cash
139Quality Cash Loan App
140Quick Loan App
142Rainbow Loan
143Rapid Paisa
144Reliable Rupee Cash
145rich cash
146Rich Loan Go
147Rocket Loan
148Royal able rupee cash
149Royal cash
150Rupee Box
151Rupee Loan
152Rupee Cash Loan
153Rupee Magic
154Rupee mall
155Rupee Online
156Rupee Papa
157Rupee pocket
158Rupee salam
159Rupee smart
160Rupee Star
161My Cash Loan
163Plump Wallet
164Quick cash
165Rich Cash
166Rupee Magic
167Rupee pus
169Rupees plus
170Samay Rupee
171Small Loan
172Smile loan
173Star Loan
174Tap credit
175Wow Rupee
17666 cash
17766 Cash App
178Agile Loan app
179Agile Cash App
180Aladdin Lamp
181Angel Loan
182Ant cash
183Apna Paisa Cash
184Apna Paisa
185Apple cash
186Arak Loan
187Ariaeko Lone
188Asan Credit
189Asan Loan
190Asan Loan App
191Asan Loan
192ATD Loan
193ATD lone App
194Balance Loan
195Balance lone
196Basket loan
197Bellono Loan
198Bellono Loan App
199Bellono App
200Beloan App
201Belono Loan
202Best Paisa
203Best Paisa Loan App
204Betwinner betting
205BetWinner LOan
206Bharat Cash
207Cash Machine Loan
208Bharat Cash
209Bright Cash
210Bright money
211Bud Loan
212Buddy Loan
213Bus rupee
214Bus Rupee
216Cash Advance
217Cash Loan App
218Cash Advance Loan App
219Cash Advance Atach
220Cash Advance T1
221Cash advance
222Cash Advance App
223Cash Book Loan Application
224Cash Book
225Cash Personal loan App
226cash bowl
227Cash Bowl Loan App
228Cash Carry Loan Application
229Cash Carry App
230Cash Cash App

These are the fake loan apps we have noticed in the Play Store. Please do your minimum investigation before taking a loan from any Online loan apps

How to find fake 7-day loan apps?

You can find fake loan apps based on some factors, Here are some examples

  1. Not Having RBI or NBFC Registration:- All genuine loan apps will have RBI registration or must collaborate with Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). However, these types of fake loan apps will not have either of these.
  2. Bad Reviews and Ratings on Play Store:– Generally, these types of fake apps will have the worst ratings and reviews. Before taking a loan from any loan app, first check the app’s reviews and ratings.
  3. Irritating Calls and Messages:- If you receive a large number of calls and messages from loan apps, there might be a chance that it’s a fake loan app. Be cautious before taking a loan from such apps, and don’t click on links coming from these messages.
  4. Higher Interest Rates:- Fake loan apps will charge higher interest rates. Initially, they may claim that the interest will be very low, but they will credit the amount to your account after deducting transaction fees and charging higher interest.
  5. Not Checking Credit Score:- These fake loan apps do not check your credit score, whether it’s high or low. Every genuine loan app will check the credit score before granting a loan. If an app doesn’t check your credit score, there’s a chance that it may be a fake loan app.

Conclusion :-

Nowadays, getting a loan is very easy, but check whether you are taking a loan from the legitimate apps. Be aware of the fake loan apps. Some loan apps may look very good, but they will harm you more. Be smart, stay safe.

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