Fake Loan App List Banned by the RBI

Fake Loan App List – In recent times, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has taken a significant step in safeguarding the financial interests of citizens. They’ve released a comprehensive Fake Loan App List, aiming to protect people from the clutches of fraudulent loan apps that promise quick money but deliver only misery. In this article, we’ll delve deep into this list, shedding light on the shady world of these illegal loan apps.

Understanding the Temptation

Fake loan apps thrive on people’s desperate need for instant cash. They lure individuals with alluring offers, creating an illusion of financial salvation. However, once you provide your personal information to these apps, you unwittingly open the door to endless troubles. Therefore, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the Fake Loan App List/Illegal Loan App List to steer clear of these financial predators.

RBI’s Registered Online Loan Apps: A Safe Haven

Before we dive into the Fake Loan App List, it’s essential to know that there are legitimate online loan apps registered with the RBI. These apps provide a genuine avenue for individuals needing quick loans without resorting to fraudulent means.

Identifying Fake Loan Apps

1. Source Matters

Fake loan apps are not available on reputable platforms like Google Play Store. Avoid downloading them from any other source to reduce the risk of falling into their trap.

2. Beware of Unsolicited Calls

If you receive a call from an unknown number requesting personal details, exercise caution. Do not share sensitive information, and avoid clicking on any suspicious links.

3. Scrutinize Launch Dates

Check the launch date of the loan application. Often, fake apps have recent launch dates. Legitimate apps tend to have a more established presence.

4. Spelling Errors

Fake loan apps often contain spelling mistakes in their names or descriptions. Pay close attention to details to spot these errors.

5. RBI and NBFC Registration

Ensure that the loan app is registered with the Reserve Bank of India and recognized Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). Authentic apps typically comply with these regulations.

The Fake Loan App List

Here is a compilation of some notorious fake loan apps that you should steer clear of:

1. Agile Loan app

2. Aladdin Lamp

3. Angel Loan

4. Apna Paisa

5. Apple cash

6. Ariaeko Lone

7. Asan Loan

8. ATD lone

9. Balance lone

10. Basket loan

11. Bellono Loan

12. Bellono Loan App

13. Best Paisa

14. Betwinner betting

15. Bharat Cash

16. Bright Cash

17. Bright money

18. Buddy Loan

19. Bus rupee

20. Bharat Cash App

21. Clear Loan

22. Cash Advance

23. Cash Advance Attach

24. Cash Advance T1

25. Cash Book

26. Cash Bowl

27. Cash Carry App

28. Cash Cola

29. Cash Colla

30. Cash Cow App

31. Cash Cow

32. Cash Credit

33. Cash Curry

34. Cash Fish

35. Cash Go

36. Cash Guru App

37. Cash Host Loan App

38. Cash Host

39. Cash Machine

40. Cash Machine Loan

41. Cash Magic

42. Cash Hole

43. Cash Machine Loan

44. Cash Magic

45. Cash Manager

46. Cash Manager

47. Cash Mine

48. Cash Papa

49. Cash Park Loan App

50. Cash Park

51. Cash Park Loan

52. Cash Pocket

53. Cash Pocket Live Cash

54. Cash Samosa

55. Cash Star Miniso Rupee

56. Cash Station

57. Cashcarry Loan App

58. Cashcom

59. Cashpal

60. Clear Loan

61. Coin Rupee

62. Crazy Cash

63. Credit Buzz

64. Credit Loan

65. Crystal Loan

66. Credit Pearl

67. Credit Wallet

68. Crystal Loan

69. Credit Wallet

70. Daily Loan

71. Dhan Pal

72. Discover Loan App

73. Dream Loan

74. DuttaRuppes

75. E Paisa

76. Eagle Cash Loan App

77. Early Credit App

78. Easy Barrow Loan App

79. Easy Borrow Cash Loan

80. Easy Brave

81. Easy Credit

82. Easy Credit Loan App

83. Easy Loan

84. EasyCash Loan

85. Easy Rp

86. Elephant Cash

87. Es Loan

88. Eulavt App

89. Express Loan

90. Express Loan

91. Fash Rupee

92. Fast Cash

93. Fast Coin

94. Fast Paisa

95. Fast Cash

96. Fast Rupee Loan App

97. Fast Rupee

98. Fexli Loan

99. First Cash

100. Flash Loan App

101. Flash Loan Mobile

102. Flash Rupee

103. Flip Cash

104. For Pay

105. Forpay App

106. Fortress Loan App

107. Fortune Now

108. Fresh Loan

109. Fri Loan

110. Funny Happen

111. Get Cash

112. Gold Cash

113. Gold Loan App

114. Gold Sea

115. Gold cash

116. Goldman Payback

117. Guru Loan App

118. Hand Cash

119. Hand Cash Friendly Loan

120. Handey Loan

121. Handy Loan

122. Hello Box

123. Hello Rupee

124. Hi Credit App

125. Holiday Mobile Loan

126. Honey Loan

127. Honey Loan App

128. Holiday Mobile

129. Hoo Cash

130. Hu Cash

131. I Credit

132. I Karza

133. Income Loan

134. Income OK

135. IND Loan

136. India AI Credit Cash Loan

137. Infinity Cash

138. Insta Loan

139. Insta Money

140. Jo Cash

141. Just Paise Loan App

142. Just Money

143. Kash Loan

144. Koko Cash

145. Koko Loan

146. Koko Loan

147. Lend Mall

148. Link Money

149. Live Cash Loan App

150. Live Cash

151. Loan Cube

152. Loan Cube

153. Loan Dream App

154. Loan Dream

155. Loan Fortune

156. Loan Fortune

157. Loan Home Small

158. Loan Loji

159. Loan Resource(disi)

160. Loan Sathi

RBI’s Stand Against Fake Loan App List

The list extends further, with RBI taking a stringent stance against fraudulent loan apps. By identifying these apps and avoiding them, individuals can protect themselves from financial harm.


In conclusion, if you find yourself in urgent need of money, consider safer alternatives like The Money Club App. This AI-powered digital chit-fund platform combines saving and borrowing, offering a secure way to access funds when needed. By avoiding the pitfalls of fake loan apps and choosing reliable financial tools, you can secure your financial future.


1. Are all loan apps fraudulent?

Not all loan apps are fraudulent. Some are registered with RBI and offer legitimate services.

2. What should I do if I’ve already downloaded a fake loan app?

If you’ve downloaded a fake loan app, uninstall it immediately and report it to the authorities.

3. Can I trust loan apps not on Google Play Store?

It’s advisable to stick to apps available on reputable platforms like Google Play Store to minimize the risk of fraud.

4. How can I verify the authenticity of a loan app?

Check for the app’s launch date, spelling errors, and RBI/NBFC registration to verify its authenticity.

5. What’s the safest way to borrow money online?

Consider using legitimate online loan apps registered with RBI and exercise caution when sharing personal information.

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