Nira Loan App Real or Fake

Nira Loan App Real or Fake

Nira Loan App Real or Fake – Nira loan app is a online loan app. We can get instant loans in this app by applying online. In this app, you will get the loan instantly without any offline documents. As this is an online loan app, it is considered an unsecured loan. For all unsecured loans, the interest rate will be higher, and less repayment time. The process in the type of apps will be a simple and easy process.

Nira Loan App Details

Nira loan app is a online loan approving app. It mainly provides loans for small business owners and small start-up ideas (As they are mentioned). This app has a 4.3 rating with 2.26 lakh reviews. It has more than 1 crore downloads and a good review. We can get up to 1 lakh loam from this loan app. It has an interest rate of 1.6 to 2.25 percent. we will have a 2% processing fee for this app. And the tenure will be 3 to 12 months for the repayment of the loan. We need a minimum income of 12000 to apply for the loan in this app.

Nira Loan App Eligibility

To apply for the loan in this Nira Loan App you must be 22 years old. There are some basic documents required to apply for the loan in this app. That is like an Aadhaar card and PAN card for address verification. You must have an income of a minimum 12000 to get approval for this loan app.

Nira Loan App Real or Fake

Actually, our team(payday loans-info team) will provide every small detail about the loan app when we review the loan app. But in this article, we are not going to give full details of the loan app. It is not a genuine app, there are a lot of bad reviews about this app. It is charging more amount of money at the time of repayment of the loan. After paying the full loan amount, it shows that still you have to pay the loan. For many users after paying the loan successfully also it is showing pending in the CIBIL score. It is giving bad reviews to the credit bureaus if the users are not taking loans in this app again.


As my recommendation don’t get a loan from this app. It is a bad loan app. Even it has RBI approval it is doing a lot of fraudulent activities and misbehavior with the customers and users. It is irritating users with the phone calls and messages before the repayment date. It has many bad reviews. Please don’t use this loan app to get loans online.

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